Confident Image Mastery Strategy Session Application (Valued at $297)

Thank you for your interest in applying for a 30 minute call with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh to explore and identify areas of improvement as they relate to your confidence, vision clarity, image and personal brand. You’ll leave the session knowing exactly what your next best step is to get the results you desire in life or your business. Due to the limited number of appointments available per month only qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule a call.  Please note that these appointments are reserved for those who are actively seeking coaching and ready to commit to the solutions offered.
NOTE: On the call we'll discuss your current situation, desired outcome, pressing challenges and an action step to move you forward.
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If you do not have the time, willingness, or financial resources at this time then STOP this application and please go to my Learning Annex for a variety of resources that may be able to assist you at or refer to my Blog at

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